Easter Activity Kit

We made it! We made it out of dreary January and forlorn February and we are on the home stretch to the sweetest 🍫 holiday of the year, Easter!💜💛

Although, was anyone else slightly gutted that pancake day wasn’t in February this year?!

I digress! Back to Easter!

I am eggerly awaiting it this year, even more so than normal, and that’s solely down to how excited I am for the new Festive Fingerprints Easter kits! This year as well as card making kits, I have created two new craft kits to extend the fingerprint fun and bring some extra joy to the Easter holidays.

The last couple of years has taught me the importance of looking for the magic in everyday activities, something I had perhaps taken for granted. Finding the joy in the little things, the freedom to walk out in nature whenever the fancy takes you, or drop in on Grandma and Grandad without having to worry. Raiding the making box to fill a quiet afternoon, or spending a sleepy Sunday watching films. Or even just being able to sit across from your friend and enjoy a cuppa with the sound of your little ones playing in the background. Things that don’t cost the earth, but truly mean the world.

It was this reflection that really made me want to create something that would bring families together, make memories and perhaps even inspire some future traditions to look forward to each Easter. 💫

And on that note…cue the first new craft kit!

In this kit you’ll find 12 cards printed with activity ideas from spotting spring animals to fingerprinting, from baking cookies to growing cress heads. There are 12 different activity ideas to try, plus 6 blank cards for you to think up some fun activities of your own!

The activity ideas are all inexpensive and fun to do, and there are a couple of suggestions below including a couple of recipe links which you will need to know:

Write a postcard to one of your favourite people telling them all about the exciting things you have been doing on your holiday.

Let's make some Chocolate cornflake cakes! (We like to make ours look like bird nests)
Here’s an egg-cellent recipe I’ve found if you need it.

Hop to it! It’s the Spring Olympics so have fun with silly games or even make an obstacle course.

Let's make Easter cress heads! Be amazed every day as you watch them grow. You will need your packet of cress seeds and the instructions on my blog

Let's bake Easter biscuits!
Here is a yummy recipe I’ve found from Mary Berry, but you might have one at home already.

The back of each activity card is printed with characters from my Easter collection, waiting to come to life with little fingerprints. You will also find an Easter fingerprint postcard, and a little packet of cress seeds to go with two of the activity ideas, along with mini pegs and twine.

There are enough cards for every day of the Easter holiday, simply decide on each day’s activity and pop it into the little envelope provided. I’ve included some bakers twine and mini pegs so that you can create a pretty string of bunting with them if you wish, or alternatively you might decide to hang the envelopes on an Easter tree, or even hide them around the house for your little ones to discover in the morning.

This activity pack makes a lovely gift for a family at Easter and is a great way for parents and children of different ages to have fun together.

However you choose to use my Easter Activity Kits, I hope they brings lots of joy and laughter to your Easter holidays.

Casey x

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