Introducing the 2020 Festive Fingerprints Christmas Collection

Today I pulled up my big girl pants and did something properly out of my comfort zone; my first proper Instagram live. I’m convinced I rambled on rather than spoke any sense at all, and almost definitely held my phone so that everything I was out of shot! So I decided the safest way to make sure you lovely lot got the information I intended, was to put it here on the website. Far less chance for disaster - I hope!

There have been so many changes to this year’s Christmas collection that I wanted to take you through them all in detail before the Christmas shop goes live next week on the website. So, if you are you sitting comfortably, I shall begin...

The first of these changes applies to all of my cards going forward, not just the Christmas collection. It’s a tiny change but I’ve added a ……….. on the back of the card beneath “Finger painted with love by” to allow the artist to add their name, leaving the recipient in no doubt that their card has been made with love and by your own fair hands. It may only be a tiny tweak, but I think it’s a lovely one and it was actually inspired by one of my gorgeous customers who did exactly this on the back of their Festive Fingerprints Father’s Day card earlier this year.

Now, onto the Christmas specific changes!

First up it’s a big one, and one that I hope you will love; this year you will have the chance to personalise your Christmas cards. This is a big step for me and one I hope I don’t live to regret but I REALLY wanted to give you the option. As you know, Festive Fingerprints is a small operation (well, really small - it’s just me!) so in order to make sure I can keep up with demand, I am only opening the option for personalisation for a very limited time, initially from the 1st - 18th of October. I know it’s a short window, which is why I wanted to give you the chance to have a think about what you might like ahead of time so that you don’t miss out.

You have the chance to personalise the front of all three Christmas designs, replacing the standard text “We wish you a Merry Christmas” with a message of your choice (up to 8 words). The cost to add personalisation to your order is £5 per design. Once you place your order, I will create the artwork and send all of the personalised designs to print together at the end of October, so that they will be ready for delivery mid-November.

If personalisation isn’t your thing please don’t worry, I am fully stocked with my original Christmas card kits with the message “We wish you a Merry Christmas…” on the front and “….and a happy new year” on the inside.

Now, the second change - a new addition to the 2020 Christmas collection! Say hello to my Snowman family, I am in love! Printed onto the same white 350gsm card as everything else, the snowman kit comes with a blue ink pad to give the snowmen their fabulously frosty appearance. The snowman family can also be personalised when the shop opens on the 1st of October and are available in family sizes 2-6.

If you like the sound of the above, and you are looking for a little bit of extra sparkle this Christmas (and let’s face it, who isn’t after the year we’ve all had!), then let me introduce you to the limited-edition snowman family, printed onto a gorgeous pale blue card instead.

I have been itching to add a little colour to my collection and I think a limited-edition design is the perfect way to do it. This kit comes with a metallic silver ink pad which is slightly more opaque than some of the other inks, and captures the fingerprints perfectly; you can see every last one of those delicate ridges and swirls.

Quantities for this range are strictly limited and once they’ve gone, I am afraid they will not be restocked. So, if you’d like one of these limited-edition snowman kits then you will have to get your ice skates on. It really will be a case of fasted fingerprint first when the Christmas shop opens on the 1st of October.

This limited-edition snowman kit is available in family sizes 2-5. It is not possible to personalise this kit I’m afraid.

Change number 3 - you asked for it and I’ve delivered; this year my reindeer cards will go up to a family size of 6.

Christmas is all about spending time with the ones you love and one of the things I love most about my cards is that the creation of them brings families together at this special time of year. So, with that in mind, and as they were so loved last year, I have decided to include 1 free worksheet with every Christmas card order this year to extend the enjoyment, or for the perfectionists amongst us, master those prints perfectly before starting out on your final cards.

Rather than the mixed worksheet I created last year, there is now one for each design so if you order reindeer cards, then you will get a reindeer worksheet with your order.

Another request that came in thick and fast last year was the desire for thank you cards. I was mindful that most thank you’s come well into the start of the new year when all of the Christmas dust has settled, and that not everyone would be looking for a Christmas themed design, so I created the Autumn range which I think does the job perfectly. It complements the Christmas range with its wintery feel, but at the same time it could be used at any time of year, as after all, a ‘thank you’ is for many aspects of life, not just for Christmas!

However, for those of you who do indeed love to keep the Christmas spirit alive for as long as possible, I have created a snowman thank you card kit just for you. As with all my thank you cards, the number of characters on the front of the card is not specific to your family size, and in the case of the snowmen, you have 4 cheeky chappies to put your fingerprints on.

This year I will also have a limited amount of Magic Reindeer Food kits for sale on the website too. I first made them when Thomas was born and have since made some each year for all his cousins and friends. Last year, I added them to my craft fair stall as I thought they might make my display more festive and they went down a storm.

I know that we all have our own views when it comes to Magic Reindeer Food, especially on how it is created, which is why I am selling it as a kit without the food inside. As a family, and as farmers, we are incredibly passionate about all of the animals and wildlife that surround us, which is why our reindeer food recipe is a strictly glitter free affair.

The kit will contain an ethically made drawstring cotton bag that can be refilled year on year, as well as a tag and bakers twine to tie it up. Making Magic Reindeer Food is a lovely little activity to do with your little ones in the run up to Christmas and if you need any inspiration, I’ve included a link to RSPCA wildlife friendly recipe on the website.

Oh, and last but most certainly not least, new baby announcements! I feel incredibly honoured that so many of you requested to use my cards to announce this most precious of news. So this year the option to personalise your Christmas cards will allow you to do just that, and I have included a couple of examples of how you might choose to do this. So, if you’re making the exciting leap and adding an extra Snowman, Reindeer, or Penguin to your family in the coming year, this could be the perfect way to announce your news. Whatever your special news, share it with the ones you love at the most wonderful time of the year with a truly personal card that will be treasured always.

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Festive Fingerprints Snowman Thank You Card
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Festive Fingerprints Babys First Christmas Card

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