Easter activity suggestions for the holidays

Who doesn’t love Easter?

For me it’s right behind Christmas is the seasonal celebration ranking with its cheerful simplicity. There’s no need for endless hours of wrapping impossibly shaped gifts and sacrificing our papercut fingers in the name of love! There’s no carving of large root vegetables into fearsome faces or declaring our love in a card accompanied by a bunch of flowers wrapped in cellophane to honour St Valentine.

No no, there is no need for any of that with Easter. The Easter bunny demands far less from us.

It’s a chance for families to come together, to eat copious amounts of chocolate surreptitiously hidden in your Grandma’s Geranium planters, to finally be able spend time outdoors as Spring slowly opens the door and shoos away the harsh winter.

I love Easter, not only because of how wholesome and chocolate heavy it is, but also because it allows us to flex our creative crafting fingers. Below you will find some of Festive Fingerprints, Cotton Twist, Craft and Crumb and Organised Chaos with Kids’ most favourite Easter crafting ideas, in the hope that it may inspire you to have some fun with your own little ones!

Festive Fingerprints

I love to be as sustainable as possible, and if I can do that whilst creating beautiful hand-crafted Easter decorations, then what more could I ask for?

The ink pads that accompany your Festive Fingerprints order can be used far beyond just their intended greetings cards, think Easter Bunting, homemade wrapping paper, and even some delicately decorated cress head friends!

To see how we will be making use of the left-over ink pads in our house this Easter, pop back to the previous blog post or click the link below:



Cotton Twist


Personalised Make Your Own Easter Garden

Create your own tin-sized colourful Spring haven with our DIY Easter Gardens. Featuring a sunflower, a bunny, an egg, a chick, a tulip, a butterfly and a signpost, there is plenty on offer here for children three years & above. 

Instil bright pops of colour to your props using our watercolour pencils and assemble your garden of Easter dreams. Add soil to the tin, secure everything into position, and sprinkle the wheatgrass seeds. Don’t forget to keep your garden hydrated by giving it a healthy dose of water each day.

The Easter bunny certainly won’t be short of hiding spots this year with this aesthetic addition to your living space. 

Think bursts of pretty pastels, fresh home-tendered grass & beautiful props… oh and… the front label can be personalised. What’s not to like? 

Easter Egg Character Box

The Easter Egg character box contains specially cut card shapes to transform 6 eggs into a set of egg buddy characters to include a superhero, unicorn, cowboy, fairy, pirate & mermaid. Fun & easy to make, this is a great activity for the build up to Easter. 


Craft Crumb

Easter Egg Bake and Hunt Kit

Children will be eggstatic to receive their very own Easter egg biscuit baking kit along with a create your own egg hunt craft activity.  Each kit comes with everything needed to bake and decorate a delicious batch of Easter egg shape biscuits and a craft kit to make their own hunt in the garden.

Each kit comes beautifully packed up and contains the below:

  • Biscuit mix (just add eggs and butter)
  • Icing sugar (just add a little milk or water to make your icing)
  • Egg shaped cutter
  • Sprinkle packs
  • Colouring
  • Piping bag
  • Egg hunt craft activity
  • Instructions


Organised Chaos with Kids

Make Your Own Chocolate Sensory Dough

Organised Chaos with Kids have just launched a brand new product range, make your own sensory dough kits. Now you can make your own dough at home using pre-weighed ingredients and a simplified recipe, all you need to do is add boiling water! And, just for Easter, a limited edition make your own chocolate free sensory dough kit. A perfect addition to any kids’ Easter basket and a simple, engaging activity you can do together during the Easter break


Tales of Me

There is also a lovely free download from Tales of Me to make Easter head band, I know that Willow will enjoy this.


We all really hope that something from the above tickles yours and your littles one’s fancy, and that it brings a little Easter shaped joy into your home. After all, we are all going to need something to break up the chocolate eating marathon, aren’t we?

If you are worried that you’re not overly creative and your final product may look more scrambled egg instead of poached – fear not as that’s half the fun!

We would love for you to really come out of your creative (egg) shell, and tag us in your Easter creations.


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